04.02.16: Feedbacks on our Feedbacks

Each participant of the contest received a short analysis of his mix. In the last days we received a lot of feedbacks to these reviews – thanks:-)
Here are some of them:

„Hello HOFA Team! Thank you very much for your thorough review of my mix, really appreciate it. And thanks for that opportunity to try out my skills of an amateur mixing engineer :)
best regards, Sergei“

„WOW! While I certainly had no illusions that I would win this contest, I never expected such a thorough and helpful mix critique. Thank you for taking the time to do this. I can’t imagine how much time you all have put into this process in the last two weeks.“

„Thank you for this great opportunity! It was a lot of fun to mix music from a different culture. I also appreciate the contstructive and detailed criticism, I will work on these points.
Aloha, Jacob“

„Thank you so much for your courteous, detailed critique of my mix! I hope to learn from this and improve on my mixes from in the future. I look forward to next year.
Thanks again and I appreciate you hosting this wonderful contest!



And the winners are …

After listening to 550 mixes and remixes, analysing and comparing them – finally it was decided: The jury selected a winning mix out of 10 hard competitors and had a clear favourite for the remix.

But we would also like to thank all those who took part in this big contest and made it such a fine event – it won’t  be the last XMAS MIX CONTEST :-) 


Best Mix:


This year`s winner is Simon Gasser from Zurich (Switzerland)!

His mix convinced the jury with a professional and appropriate overall-sound: very good leveling and a persuasive ambience make for a homogenous result – congratulations!

Here you can listen to his mix:


Best Re-Mix:


The winning remix is no EDM-style song, but a new interpretation in a symphonic rock sound with a lot of work, musicality and creativity involved.

The award goes to Marco Herbert from Butzbach!








Special Awards:

As in the years before, we present some Special Awards for outstanding mixes, even though they didn’ t gain the first price.

An Award for the best band-sound goes to: Vladimir Shepelenko, Kiev (Ukraine)

An Award for the  „most catchy Synthie-Hook“ and the club and radio compliant arrangement goes to Konstantin Ivanov, Jena

Congratulations as well to those two!



27.01.16: Today the contest jury came together for the first time. Jochen Weyer and Fabian Dombrowski from HOFA and Jan Ohlhorst (host of the renowned audio forum recording.de) made a first preselection – tomorrow the session continues …











20.01.16: You have been working hard! Far more than 500 mixes and remixes from almost everywhere – awesome:-) Next week, the members of the jury meet and lock themselves in the HOFA-Studios …


19.01.16: Today is CLOSING DATE – so finish your mix and load it up:-)

14.01.16: Open Mix Tutorial (German language)
As in the years before, we made a detailed open mix video about the contest song “Warten”. This is the 11 minute version of the tutorial for everybody:

15.12.15: upload  You can now use this upload link to send us your mix/remix.

10.12.15:  More than an hour of mixtipps and tech talk!
HOFA CEO Jochen Sachse and HOFA-College Tutor Fabian Freitag in conversation with Non Eric at musotalk.

This is a german online tv show – so this video is in german language.

08.12.15: Wow! The XMAS MIX CONTEST is online only for 5 days now and far more than 1000 visitors have downloaded the files of the contest song. We’re especially happy about the many visitors from all over the world who participate this year. This is going to be a feast:-)

07.12.15: Because so many asked for the words of the contest song, we put the translation into a pdf:
HOFA XMAS CONTEST 2015 Warten LyricsEN


Welcome to the 7th HOFA XMAS MIX CONTEST!

Finally the waiting’s over! For many, the Mixcontest by HOFA has become a part of Christmas just like snow and Christmas tree.  
For the seventh time, HOFA presents the contest with a prize money of 2 x 1000 € – for the best mix and the best remix of our contest song.

This year’s song “Warten” is written and produced by HOFA CEO Jochen Sachse and performed by vocalist Stefany Camee, the regular singer of Jochen Sachse’s project INI.


HOFA XMAS MIX Jochen SachseHOFA XMAS MIX Stefany Camee


Here you can find a music video, playing the mix by Jochen Sachse. This mix is supposed to be neither reference nor template, but may give a picture of Jochen’s idea of the song. He’s not in the jury, by the way.:-)

And this is a link to an interesting documentary site about the instruments and mics used during the recording session as well as some mixing tipps.

For anyone, who wants to know the lyrics of the song, there is a pdf with the translation: HOFA XMAS CONTEST 2015 Warten LyricsEN
The german lyrics can be found here: HOFA XMAS CONTEST 2015 Warten Lyrics



600regieC_js_ffFriends and colleagues took their part in recording the contest song in the HOFA-Studios. Besides drums, bass, guitars and piano, you will also find a 60s Hammond organ, an indian harmonium, mandolin and violin – all real and handplayed.:-)

Like always, it’s allowed to trigger drums, to re-amp or re-room, to master and to copy & paste or to leave out several elements.
For the sake of fairness it’s not allowed to add new tracks or to change the tempo or the structure of the song.

The jury is looking for harmonious sound characteristics with balanced levels and a well formed spatial definition.

Your options for the remix are endless: be creative and use those tracks you want and add whatever you like. Nothing’s forbidden – but of course the song should still be recognisable:-)

The tempo of the song is 70 bpm, the tracks are on hand as 24 bit wav files in 44.1 kHz.





Copy the folder with the tracks on your computer and do your best.  
Send us your mix as a stereo track (mastered or not-mastered)  – and maybe your work convinces the jury and you win the reward of 1000 € for the best mix or remix.
And if not, you have had a good time in your studio with christmassy music.:-)


Closing date is January 19, 2016

This year, you can also use an upload for sending your mix or remix to HOFA.


If you send your mix/remix as a CD from another country, please make sure that it arrives until January 22.

Lusshardtstr. 1-3
D-76689 Karlsdorf

Please label the CD with your address data (incl. email adress).


Please enter your email address and press "submit" in order to reveal the link to the download page.

Your email address:


If you have any questions about this contest you can reach us via telephone under 0049-(0)7251 3472-222 or email at  college@hofa.de.

Enjoy the mix and good luck!

Your HOFA Team


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