About HOFA

Founded in 1988 as a recording studio, HOFA expanded into one of the largest service providers in the field of audio and media production in the German-speaking world with the Media (1993), College (2005), Acoustics (2007) and Plugins (2010) divisions.

  • HOFA-Studios is one of the largest and most renowned recording studios in Germany, the HOFA-Studios stand for first-class studio productions at surprisingly low prices.
  • HOFA-Media duplicates CDs and DVDs in any quantity. Further services such as graphics & design, e-commerce, warehousing, logistics and distribution are available in-house.
  • HOFA-College offers state-certified correspondence courses with online campus and studio workshops for beginners and advanced students. These courses are designed for those interested in recording, mixing and music production.
  • HOFA-Akustik develops and sells bass traps, absorbers, diffusers, mobile walls and acoustic curtains for optimal room acoustics. The professional and inexpensive acoustic modules are used in recording studios as well as in concert halls, rehearsal rooms and home cinemas.
  • HOFA-Plugins produces extraordinary audio tools, designed to make working in the studio easier. The IQ-Series plugins, CD and DDP software and free 4U series are groundbreaking and easy-to-understand tools for better and faster results.

If you are interested in our services or products, we are looking forward to your call or e-mail. You’re welcome to visit the premises for a non-binding consultation with one of our competent and friendly employees.

Company profile HOFA GmbH

Location: 2 minutes from the Autobahn 5 between Karlsruhe and Heidelberg

Number of employees: 70

CEO: Jochen Sachse

On more than 4000 m² you will find (building plan):

  • 4 control rooms
  • 4 recording rooms
  • mastering suite
  • support and administration
  • graphic and design
  • DVD authoring
  • photo and video studio
  • 2 seminar rooms
  • production and manufacturing
  • distributions warehouse
  • customer parking
  • catering
  • apartment

Our philosophy

Competent, fair and sustainable success – we want to achieve the best possible service for our customers and business partners. That is why we have developed a corporate philosophy that focuses on these aspects.

All business activities are subordinated to our quality standards, so that the practical implementation of our motto and the satisfaction of our customers is fully guaranteed at all times.
The interests and needs of our customers have the highest priority for us. Sustainable customer loyalty and a fair relationship to our customers is very important to us. We ensure this through our customer support in all business areas and a fair, comprehensible pricing policy.

There are no compromises when it comes to customer support; we ensure fast and direct contact with the competent reference person in the respective department.

Our principle of sustainability also applies to our personnel – we focus on education and training, fair working conditions and a pleasant working atmosphere and high motivation. Thus, we always strive for a long-term commitment of our employees and flat, efficient hierarchies.
This is particularly evident in the professional and competent way in which our employees deal with our customers, business partners and suppliers. The inclusion of the disabled is an important concern for us. In close cooperation with Lebenshilfe Bruchsal, we employ mentally handicapped people in various departments of the company.
HOFA is a unified company, which expects the same quality standards in each of the divisions HOFA-Studios, HOFA-Media, HOFA-College, HOFA-Akustik and HOFA-Plugins.

The principle of sustainability can also be found in our financial and innovation philosophy. The proceeds we generate are reinvested into the development and improvement of the internal infrastructure. Whenever possible, we incorporate ideas and suggestions from our employees, customers and the market situation into our further work. At the same time, we constantly maintain and optimise existing, proven products.

The environment matters a lot to us. Our solar power system covers almost all of our electricity needs and we work in a paperless office and work with energy-efficient technology in all departments. The quality of our products and equipment corresponds to this principle with regard to durability and value.

We see all aspects listed above as the base of our future work and ensure that our customers always have reliable, fair and competent partners in us. We continuously strive to improve our products, services and structures.


Certification according to ISO 9001

In November 2015 HOFA GmbH was officially awarded the ISO 9001 certificate.

For this standard, all internal processes were subjected to a quality check. Our customers and business partners thus profit from the security of an international certification with all business with the HOFA GmbH.